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Ticketing Company Caught Totally Unawares by People Wanting to Buy Tickets

A company whose sole purpose is to sell tickets has once again been blindsided by people coming to its website to buy tickets. It is just the three-hundredth time it has happened this year.

One person at the company said they were shocked when they realised what was happening. “We were just sitting around the office not really doing that much, and then all of a sudden someone says, ‘Hang on – what’s going on? Looks like people are trying to buy tickets … from … from a website … from our website!’

“And everyone else was like, ‘But that can’t be right. We’re just a ticketing website!’ And so we went into a bit of a panic, because we’re totally not set up for this”.

Another staff member said it was lucky that the company’s sole purpose wasn’t to sell tickets, otherwise it might be a bit fucking ridiculous. “Imagine that! It’d be a bit like going into a McDonalds and the person at the counter being astonished when you try to order a hamburger. But no, our sole purpose isn’t to sell tickets. It’s to charge a $7.95 handling fee for a digital automated service”.

In a statement this morning, the company said there was an unusually high demand for tickets. “Not unusual in the sense that it’s never happened before – it is entirely predictable and it happens about once a week. But unusual in the sense that we still seem to be taken by surprise by it every single time”.

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