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Fun-Size Mars Bar Now Bigger Than Normal-Size Mars Bar

Having repeatedly reduced product sizes in order to hide price increases, Coles and Woolworths were today facing the awkward task of explaining why the latest version of the regular-sized Mars Bar is now smaller than the Fun-Size version.

“We’re always looking for new ways to deliver great value to our customers,” a spokesperson for Coles read from a script.

Pushed further to explain how selling a 3.2 gram chocolate bar for $2.20 represented good value, the spokesperson said it was all about giving customers what they wanted.

“Customers were telling us that the old Mars bar was too unwieldy in their hands – you’ve got to admit it was very hard to hold. So we’ve listened, we’ve responded, and we’ve made it a touch smaller – just 96% smaller – so it’ll fit in your hand better. We think customers are going to love it”.

The supermarket chain has also released a new version of their $8.50 Weet-Bix Value Pack, which now contains one-and-a-half Weet Bix. “It’s the perfect size for half a breakfast,” the spokesperson said.

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