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Christians Stunned to Learn Jesus Was a Nepo Baby

Jesus only got to where he is because he has a famous dad, a new report in the New York Times has revealed.

The claim challenges the narrative that the famous carpenter and saviour of humanity was from humble beginnings and born into poverty in Bethlehem.  

“His dad is like a god – he literally knows everyone,” a source for the report claimed. “If you want to know what’s going on, or what the next big thing is going to be, he’s the guy. He can pull a lot of strings – he’s a very, very influential person to have onside, let alone as your dad”.

A family tree graphic also showed how the carpenter and saviour of humanity is also related to religious gad about town The Holy spirit.

Christians are now forced into the difficult position of questioning if Jesus actually earned his way into heaven or if a backdoor deal was done to ensure the famous son would be given a spot in the heavily coveted afterlife, given he had a direct line to the big man himself.

With Matt Harvey @mattharveystuff 

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