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Fucking weirdo only guy at table without an allergy

Some freak at last night’s work Christmas dinner doesn’t have a single allergy or food intolerance, it has emerged.

As the waiter noted down the specific food sensitivities of the 18 other diners, Ryan Lambert, 28, said he felt embarrassed having to explain to the waiter that he could eat absolutely anything at all.

“Sorry to be a pain, but if it’s not too much trouble I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me,” he said, before adding that he’d be happy to have an intolerance to eggs or meat if that made things easier. “I should’ve brought my own food, sorry,” he said.

Colleague Sarah Minsen – who has an aversion to dairy, shellfish and fish and prefers not to eat gluten – said she thought Lambert was probably just looking to get attention. “It’s quite a hassle for the kitchen staff to have to make something that may contain gluten, dairy, sesame seeds, fish, nuts and lupin – just to cater for his needs”.

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