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Scott Morrison named Time magazine’s People of the Year

Time Magazine has awarded Scott Morrison it’s coveted ‘People of the Year’ award for their unique ability to take on a seemingly endless number of jobs while simultaneously not actually doing any work. 

Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said the decision was the most “clear-cut in memory”. 

“No one embodies the absolute shambolic  energy of 2022 more than Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Or Finance Minister Scott Morrison. Or Social Services Minister Scott Morrison. Or Home Affairs Minister ….” he said, before being reminded he only had 30 minutes to get through his speech. 

“Scott has given ordinary people hope that, even if they don’t have any talent, relevant experience, charisma or work ethic, they too can go on to hold the majority of the positions on the front bench of a democratic nation”.

Judges also signed out Morrison for their efforts in single-handedly reducing Australia’s unemployment rate. Thousands of new jobs were created under the Morrison Government, and Scott Morrison selflessly took most of them for themselves. 

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