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Twitter’s misinformation team murdered by Elon Musk

"I can't believe what's going on there right now"

The team responsible for stopping the spread of false information at Twitter has been executed by new owner Elon Musk, according to reports on Twitter.

Tweets from unknown sources say the eighteen staff members, who were tasked with moderating tweets and removing those that were obviously false, were tied to their desk chairs and then personally administered a lethal injection by Musk. The team’s manager was apparently ‘fired’ by Musk with a semi-automatic rifle.

While initial reports suggested the moderators had simply been laid off, subsequent Tweets painted a much darker picture, describing horrific scenes at the company’s headquarters as the ‘clean out’ swept across the building. “Body bags being brought out now at Twitter HQ to remove the dead,” one tweet read. “Big clean up happening rn at Twitter. Those blood-splattered walls not going to clean themselves,” read another.

Musk has denied the claims, tweeting that it was impossible for him to personally execute the employees given he was holidaying on Mars at the time.

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