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Liz Truss memoir to be published as Tweet

The publisher of an upcoming memoir of Liz Truss’s time in office has decided to just release the full text as a tweet, rather than going to the effort of printing out a series of single-sided flyers.

HarperCollins said they had originally planned to only publish a sneak preview of the book on Twitter, but then realised the whole manuscript fit into a 280-character tweet. “We even had room to put a review of the book in there as well,” the publisher said.

The tweet will cover Liz Truss’s rise to power, her achievements in office and her eventual downfall. “It’s a great read – a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. But mainly downs. Actually there aren’t any ups – the rollercoaster thing is just an expression, it doesn’t really fit in this instance sorry,” the publisher said.

Critics who have seen advanced copies of the memoir slammed it for being too chaotic and lacking believable characters. The book will also be uploaded as a Snapchat story and disappear after a matter of hours, much like Liz Truss’s Prime Ministership.

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