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Queue forms to say goodbye to Liz Truss’s Prime Ministership

A queue has begun snaking around the Houses of Parliament in London, as locals prepare to mark the death of Liz Truss’s Prime Ministership.

Mourners say they want to pay respect to the woman who has been a constant in their lives for more than forty days. “It’s hard to imagine life without her. You have to go all the way back to early September 2022 to find a time when she wasn’t in the top job,” said one mourner, who joined the queue in his lunchbreak.

Grace Wimble said she sent a congratulatory card to Truss on the day she became Prime Minister. “Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll arrive in time before her tenure ends, so I thought I’d better line up in person,” she said.

Others said it was hard to overstate the importance of Truss to some people. “I know a lot of people who have never known another Prime Minister in their lifetimes,” Bridget Fon, a midwife from Yorkshire said. “Many of them have been in tears just at the thought of her no longer being there. Although it’s possible that’s just croup”.

Emily Bridstoke from Birmingham said she had already been in the queue for three hours, or about 12% of Truss’s time in office.

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