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Claims of cover-up as IBAC maintains silence on Dan Andrews’ role in flooding

"How did he know about the floods, who told him, and who benefited?"

IBAC, Victoria’s anti-corruption commission, says it won’t be investigating Premier Daniel Andrews, despite apparent evidence he played a central role in causing this week’s floods.

Sources, who we cannot name, have questioned the Premier’s actions, saying he may have personally benefited from the floods, or at the very least be funnelling funds to the Labor Party. “It does seem strange that three days ago Andrews seemed to know all about these floods, before they even happened. It doesn’t pass the sniff test. How did he know, who told him, and who benefited? These are the questions that nobody is asking,” the source said.

One person who was willing to go on record was Mission2Melbourne protester ‘Dave’, who said the lack of action from IBAC proved that the organisation was itself was corrupt. “I have proof – video proof – that Daniel Andrews received money in exchange for launching cloud-seed technology to disrupt our protests. It’s so obvious – We come here to Melbourne to protest and Melbourne has its biggest rainfall in years. Connect the dots”.

Asked to provide the evidence, Dave sent a link to an 8-hour YouTube video about cloud seeding.

More to come.

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