14-car "Mission2Melbourne" convoy to bring 5 million protesters to city — The Shovel

14-car “Mission2Melbourne” convoy to bring 5 million protesters to city


A convoy of a dozen or so cars and utes sporting red ensign flags will descend on Melbourne this week, carrying a horde of protesters that organisers say is likely to number in the millions.

Festival organiser ‘Dave’ said the plan was to converge on Melbourne on Thursday and then shut the entire city down by the weekend. “Tom’s bringing his Falcon and Kim’s managed to borrow her sister’s Camry, so I think between that and the half dozen or so utes that are coming down from Queensland, we should get well over three mil at the protest”.

Kim warned attendees that the elitists would be doing everything they could to stop the protest. “I see there’s rain forecast for Melbourne – so clearly Dan Andrews has organised cloud seeding. Watch out for that. A lot of chem trails in the sky today as well, so we’ll be up against it”.

The group said they will be protesting to get their freedom back. “We’ll be encouraging the people we see on the street to walk away from the cafes and bars that they’re sitting in and stand up and fight for their freedom”.

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