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Ballot for Electing Australian Head of State Revealed

Australians will go to the polls this week to elect their preferred Head of State, with voters reminded to number all boxes from one to one on the ballot paper, in order to make their vote count.

Charles III from the House of Windsor Party is strong favourite to win the ballot, even though he does not live in the electorate. He has not promised to move to the electorate if he wins.

Laura Hickson from the Australian Electoral Commission said Australia’s preferential voting system meant people could be sure their votes would not be wasted. “Whether you support Charles III or Charles III, or even a candidate like Charles III, your vote will count. That’s the beauty of our system”.

She said, apart from a few technicalities, it was easy to throw your hat in the ring for the Head of State position. “One of the great things about our democracy is that anyone who is the first born child of the previous ruling monarch of Great Britain can run for the position. As long as you meet that criteria, and you’re not a dual citizen, you can run”.   

Image/concept by Adrian Risch

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