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Labor Party nominates Kristina Keneally for next Queen of England

The party was unaware the position had already been promised to John Barilaro

Anthony Albanese says former NSW Premier and candidate for Bennelong, Fowler and the NSW Senate, Kristina Keneally, is the perfect candidate for the next Queen of England.

“I know she doesn’t live in Britain, I’m not sure she’s ever been there, but she lives nearby, just 17,000 km away. So I think she’ll have a real sense of the everyday needs of people there”.

Keneally said she’d watched a British television series last year and once read the BBC’s website, so was confident she would understood the concerns of constituents. “I’m basically a local,” she said.

The former Premier, who lives in the exclusive Northern Beaches enclave of Scotland Island in Sydney, said she knows what it’s like to live on a small island. “They’re pretty much the same thing. And the fact that the island I live on is called Scotland is useful – I hear there’s a place called Scotland in Britain too”.

Despite the Labor Party’s endorsement, sources say Keneally has little chance of securing the role of monarch, given it has already been promised as a gift to John Barilaro. Scott Morrison later confirmed he swore himself into the role two years ago.

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