Massive shipment of 'anti-inflammatories' spotted at Melbourne airport — The Shovel

Massive shipment of ‘anti-inflammatories’ spotted at Melbourne airport

Over 30kg of Aleve brand anti-inflammatories were intercepted at Tullamarine Airport today, believed to have a street value of around a thousand dollars or $599.99 when on sale at Chemist Warehouse.

The drugs are rumoured to be on their way to storage facilities throughout Victoria, before being dispensed through a complex network of distributors and street dealers known colloquially as ‘chemists’.

One anti-inflammatory expert from Melbourne said the drugs would have originally been in tablet form and then painstakingly removed from their individual packages, crushed into powder form, before being placed into small zip-lock bags. “From there they will be taken to nightclubs and other entertainment venues across the country to help in the treatment of muscle pain and soreness”.

He said crushed up Aleve was perfect for busy lifestyles. “With 12-hour lasting relief, taking this small bag of white powder that looks like cocaine but is definitely not cocaine, is the best way to get on with your day. Or night out”.

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