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Ted Cruz tells students to become a bank if they want debt forgiven

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has slammed the Biden Administration’s student debt forgiveness program, saying people should do the right thing and become a federal bank if they want open and free access to taxpayer funds. Read his full statement below.

“If ever we needed proof that this country is disintegrating before our very eyes it’s this. Joe Biden wants to give every bong-smoking, long-haired, lazy-ass snowflake student 20 grand to pay off their college loans. Twenty grand of taxpayer money!

Kids these days seem to expect some sort of free handout from the government, without doing the hard work.

I remember a time when, if you wanted to access taxpayer money, you had to become a large financial institution, pay your executives multi-million-dollar salaries, cause thousands of your customers to lose their houses, and then totally collapse, bringing down the global economy with you. And even then you could only access $20 to $25 billion, max.

But now these librtards, who spend their days as slacker baristas after wasting seven years in college studying something useless like basket-weaving or mechanical engineering, say ‘give me $20k for free’.

Where do you think that kind of money is going to come from? You expect the government just to bail you out because you couldn’t

get your shit together and earn enough money to pay off your debt yourself? The government is not a charity. Who do you think you are? JPMorgan Chase?

It’s time these kids started to take some ownership of their actions rather than waiting for the government to bail them out every time they get into trouble. That’s what personal responsibility looks like”.

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