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Dutton promises to return to traditional Liberal Party scandals

“We have strayed from our traditional pitch to voters"

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has admitted that the secret swearing-in of former Prime Minister and part time bulldozer Scott Morrison to five ministries was “deeply weird” and has ensured that the controversies uncovered under his leadership will be more in keeping with the traditions and conventions of the Liberal Party.

“The Liberal Party I know, and that voters know, is not the party of secret dealings with the Governor General. It’s the party of secretly spending disproportionate taxpayer dollars in marginal seats in order to manipulate election results,” Mr Dutton said today.

“The Liberal Party that I signed up to is not the party that takes jobs from colleagues without them knowing. It’s the party that gives jobs to colleagues in exchange for favours”.

Dutton said that the party had lost touch with its traditions. “The party that Robert Menzies founded all those years ago has become unrecognisable. This party is not about having a secret ministry on the side. It’s about having a secret mistress on the side, at the same time you’re lecturing people about the sanctity of marriage. That’s the party I know, it’s the party that heartland voters know, and it’s the party that I am determined to restore”.

By Tristan White

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