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Taxi driver takes Albo’s advice, works from home

Melbourne taxi driver Ahmed Adel says he isn’t concerned that the Albanese government has cancelled pandemic leave payments, confirming he will take the PM’s advice and accept fares from his home in Werribee.

“I’ve pulled the seat and the steering wheel out of the taxi and set up in the living room. If you need to get somewhere, just call 13 CABS, come around to my place and we’ll pretend that this isn’t a stupid fucking idea,” he said.

Adel said his passengers would have plenty of room to stretch out in his cab. “You can sit on the couch if you like. Let me know when we get there and I’ll stop the meter”.

He said it would be just like any normal cab ride. “I’ll have all of my personal stuff in the boot and then act surprised when you’ve got luggage to put in there. You can ask me where I’m from and I’ll say ‘Melbourne’. And we can talk the pros and cons of Uber’s business model. So just like a normal cab ride really”.

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