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5-year-old announces price rises at local plastic supermarket

Frustrated customers at a supermarket in Braddon Street, Mitcham say they can’t keep up with skyrocketing prices, with some items becoming simply unaffordable.

Mum Belinda Murphy said the cost of a plastic banana was now eight stickers, up from just two stickers this time last month. “Everything’s going up. A lot of what they’re asking is just unrealistic. Wait until you hear what they’re asking for a plastic lettuce”.

But store owner Ella Murphy said the price rises were necessary to keep up with increased costs across the supply chain. “The war in the Ukraine is putting a real strain on supply, and there’s a lot of stock that’s been lost behind the couch,” she explained. “Add to that the effect of floods in the bathroom last month, and upward pressure on energy prices and it’s a bit of a perfect storm”.

She said that staffing was also an issue. “Since Ben got a new Lego set, it’s getting harder and harder to find good people to work here”.

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