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Young couple saving for deposit on first iceberg lettuce

Sydney couple Charlotte and Liam Battersea say it’s getting harder and harder to get into the lettuce market, which is why they have made the decision to move back in with Liam’s parents while they save for a deposit.

“We’re probably at that age now where we’re done with partying and going out and all that, and now it’s time to put our heads down and save for our first lettuce,” Charlotte, 29, said.

Liam said they had considered getting started with a cheaper cos or baby cos lettuce, but have decided to go all-in on an iceberg. “We did look into cos and decorative butter lettuces as well as loose-leaf rocket; we even considered a pre-packaged leaf mix for a while. But we’re looking to start a family down the track, so we decided we needed something more substantial”.

Financial advisor Graham Easton says young people should consider all options when buying a lettuce. “Consider how big a lettuce you actually need – can you do without those extra leaves? There are some great smaller lettuces on the market at the moment, as well as some pretty reasonably priced half lettuces. It may not be what you originally had in mind, but you need to be creative if you want fresh salad produce these days”.

Liam said very few of his friends own lettuces. “One of my mates did buy a raddichio as an investment last year, and he’s done pretty well for himself. But nah, most of my friends have to use their parents’ lettuce”.

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