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Coalition ‘clear winner’ (when using carryover credits from previous elections)

The Coalition won the 2022 election in a landslide, if you use an accounting method that allows you to add votes from previous elections, Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt has explained.

In a media conference this morning former Environment Minister Sussan Ley echoed Bolt’s analysis, saying the Coalition would be continuing on in Government, based on the calculations she had made.

“At the last election we received 51.5% of the vote – an additional 1.5% over and above what we needed. In the 2016 election we received 50.36%, that’s 0.36% in surplus. And at the 2013 election 53.49%, well above the target rate.

“So when you add those carryover credits together, that gives us an extra 5.35% of the vote, pushing this year’s two party preferred vote to 53.35%. I think you’ll agree that that’s a pretty decisive victory for the Coalition”.

Headline by Charles Michell

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