Morrison flawlessly recites Coalition’s zero-point climate policy — The Shovel

Morrison flawlessly recites Coalition’s zero-point climate policy

In another impressive media performance, the Prime Minister has successfully recalled all zero points from his party’s climate change plan, showing once again his command over detail during election campaigns.  

Touring a cheese making facility while dressed as an airline pilot, Mr Morrison expertly responded to rapid-fire questions from journalists.

Asked by one broadcaster if he could recite the detail of the Government’s climate policy, Morrison confidently said ‘Yep’, before pausing briefly and then taking the next question.

The PM was also able to reel off the Coalition’s zero-point plan for stopping corruption, as well as its no-step strategy for tackling housing affordability, in what has been described as a commanding performance.

Morrison then led journalists on a tour of a pretend supermarket where he pointed to and correctly named a range of fruits and vegetables.

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