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Man saving up for tank of petrol

Perth man Rob McMann has set himself the savings goal of buying 55 litres of unleaded petrol, saying it’s the most expensive thing he’ll buy this year.

“It’s good to have a savings goal,” McMann said, flipping through pictures of petrol stations he hopes to one day visit. “I was going to save up for a holiday or a new bike, but then I thought, nah I want to get a tank of BP 91 unleaded. It’s a stretch, for sure. But I think I can get there”. The office worker tossed up whether to save up for a tank of Premium 98, but said he’d need to wait for a pay rise for that.

McMann has set up a direct withdrawal from his weekly salary that will go into a special savings account. “I figure if I put aside a little bit each week then it won’t seem so daunting”.  

The twenty-eight year-old says he’ll often walk past the servos in his area to do what he calls ‘window shopping’. “It’s fun to walk past the BP or the Shell and think – with a bit of discipline, and a bit of cutting back, one day I’ll be able to drive in here, fill up my car and pay for the petrol outright”.

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