Djokovic begins French Open preparations, with plans to contract COVID in early May — The Shovel

Djokovic begins French Open preparations, with plans to contract COVID in early May

"I've been working a lot on my timing"

World number one Novak Djokovic has put the controversies of the Australian Open behind him and is now fully focused on the defence of his French Open title, saying preparations are already under way for him to contract COVID again in the coming months.

Touching down in Belgrade last night, Djokovic said he and his coach had already switched attention to the year’s second grand slam. “I’m feeling really good right now. We sat down last night and started to map out a plan for my title defence and the things I’ll need to prepare. There’s definitely still a lot of work to be done – constructing a COVID-19 diagnosis out of thin air isn’t easy – but I’m confident if we put the right processes in place we’ll be ready to go for June”.

The 20-time major winner said he and his team would look to iron out some of the weaknesses from his Australian Open tilt. “We’ve gone back and analysed the game plan from Melbourne. Submitting a COVID test with the wrong time stamp certainly let me down, so I’ll be going out there and constructing hundreds of fake COVID test results each day to try and get that part of my game perfect”.    

He said one of the keys to success in tennis is timing. “Is early May the best time to have COVID, or am I better getting it in April to make my recovery seem more realistic? Should I get the test result for May now, or wait a little longer? These are the sorts of things that my team and I will be going through in the coming weeks”.

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