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No New Cases Transmitted Through Chins

The number of COVID-19 cases transmitted through chins yesterday was zero, steady on Sunday’s number of zero. The seven-day moving average is zero.

Melbourne man Charlie Robinson said the encouraging numbers were proof his mask, which he wears just below his mouth, works. “I tested positive to COVID last week, and I’ve passed it on to a few of my mates already. But the doctors say that was transferred through my mouth and nose, not my chin. So clearly the mask is doing a pretty good job of keeping it from getting out of that area of my face”.

He said many people weren’t aware of the effectiveness of masks. “A lot of people say there’s no point wearing a mask at all if I’m going to wear it on my chin, but then I remind them of that fact that there’s yet to be a recorded case worldwide transmitted through a chin, and that generally shuts them up”.

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