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A Statement About Our Donation To Christian Porter’s Blind Trust

Well, that turned out well. A few weeks back we decided to transfer $1 million into the blind trust we’d set up for Christian Porter. Today he resigned. We’ll be honest, we didn’t expect it to work quite so quickly.

After all, you have to clear a pretty high bar to get sacked from a Scott Morrison cabinet. An accusation of sexual assault won’t do it. Cocking up a vaccine rollout in a pandemic won’t do it. Allegedly doctoring documents to discredit the Sydney Lord Mayor won’t do it (actually, that will get you a promotion).

But, as we now know, receiving money from a satirical organisation is where the line is drawn. The truth is, Christian Porter actually knew all along that a satirical news service was funding his defence. But he thought it was News Corp, not us, which is why he went along with it. Whoops!

Australian comedy, as you all know, is incredibly lucrative. But even for us, a million dollars was a large sum. So thanks to everyone who has chipped in as a supporter over the years. I think you’ll agree, it was well worth it.

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Running satirical news organisations can be expensive, especially when it involves paying large sums of money into the blind trusts of government ministers. If you’d like to support our work, you might consider making a donation or becoming a regular supporter.

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