Republicans Discover Dangerous New 'Covid-19' Virus Sweeping America — The Shovel

Republicans Discover Dangerous New ‘Covid-19’ Virus Sweeping America

Republican Party leaders say they have become aware of a deadly new virus called ‘COVID-19’ which has been devastating America since Wednesday.

Outraged GOP lawmakers said the virus was getting out of control, and blamed the Biden administration for doing nothing to stop the new pandemic, which sprang up suddenly this week.

“This is a national emergency; why haven’t the Democrats stopped it?” Republican Mitch McConnell said. “As we have said over and over again throughout this administration, this is very real and it is killing Americans every day. It is time to take this seriously”.

Conservative news outlets joined Republicans in condemning the Biden presidency. “This is the worst start imaginable for a presidency,” a Fox News commentator said. “Joe Biden takes office on Wednesday and next thing you know there’s a pandemic decimating our people and our economy”.  

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