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Toddler Takes Just 2.5 Hours To Get Dressed

Three year-old Angus Lau can throw on a t-shirt and shorts and be ready to go in just hours, it has been reported.

Angus’s mother said it was ‘go, go, go!’ at their place most mornings and they’re up and out the door in under three hours.

“There’s no time for dilly-dallying. Just pick the first 86 t-shirts you find, try them all on one by one, get distracted playing with a truck, chow down some breakfast, try on all the t-shirts again, complain that the one you want is in the wash, and then walk out the door without your pants on. We’re on the road in no time.

“Until we realise we’ve forgotten an incredibly specific Lego figurine. And then we’re back in the door again – or specifically, under the couch – looking for the figurine and then deciding we want a different pair of shoes on today. And then – just like that – we’re ready to go. It’s a well-oiled machine”.

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