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I’m A Little Teapot Song Banned For Body Shaming

The popular children’s nursery rhyme ‘I’m A Little Teapot Short And Stout’ has been banned because it makes fun of the teapot’s physical stature.

There had been calls to change the song’s lyrics to ‘I’m a smaller-than-average sized teapot, vertically disadvantaged and bigger-bodied’, but in the end it was decided just to scrap the song altogether.

“The song is problematic in more ways than one,” a spokesperson for the Change The I’m A Little Teapot Song Lobby Group (CTIALTSLG) said.

“Once we changed that first line, we then had to consider whether the reference to getting ‘steamed up’ would alienate those with anger management issues.

“We considered: ‘When I get all agitated due to repressed issues that I’m still working through with my therapist, then I regretfully say in a louder than normal voice’. But that didn’t rhyme with ‘Tip me over and pour me out, if that’s ok with you’. So we killed it. Sorry, removed it”.

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