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People Looking Forward To Staring At Phone In Groups Again

People around the country are relieved that they will soon be able to meet in groups of up to ten to stare at their phones, rather than the previous restrictions which only allowed them to stare at their phone with one other person present.

“It’s been tough,” Melbourne resident Lisa Olington said. “Day after day of sitting at home just staring at my phone has been draining. I can’t wait to be able to go out in public and stare at my phone there”.

She said the lockdown laws have made her feel isolated. “I’ve definitely missed catching up with my friends and scrolling through my Instagram feed while they looked at their messages. It will be good to get back to some sort of normality”.

Olington said she missed the human connection. “Texting or messaging someone from afar is ok. But nothing can replace the feeling of messaging them while they’re right there next to you”.

Seb White from Brisbane said the easing in lockdown laws were welcome but believed there was still a way to go. “When we’re allowed to sit at a pub or a restaurant with a group of mates while we all look at our phones, that’s when it will feel normal again,” he said.

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