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Trump Claims There Are “Very Fine Organisms On Both Sides” Of Pandemic

Donald Trump seemingly sympathised with Covid-19 pathogens at a press briefing on Thursday, saying, “You have some very bad microorganisms in that group, the coronavirus group, but you also have organisms that are very fine organisms, on both sides of this pandemic.”

When reporters pressured Trump on his comments, the President said, “The media has treated the coronavirus very badly, and there are some viruses that have been deadly, but it’s important to remember that they have not all been deadly, ok. In fact, only a very small amount are deadly.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer, a frequent Trump target for her strict stay-at-home policies, weighed in saying, “I find it incredibly irresponsible of the President to show sympathy to Covid-19. It’s very demeaning to all our healthcare workers, as well as all Americans, to side with a virus that has claimed thousands of lives.”

Trump fired back on Twitter, stating, “Not-Good Gretchen has been so bad for Michigan! Sad! We have millions of pathogens who need hosts and millions more people who want to get back to work. This is a win-win. No brainer!”


By Jordan Simon

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