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Next Season Of MAFS Will Be ‘Married At First Skype’, Nine Confirms

The next season of MAFS will feature eight singles who have never met, getting married over an unreliable Skype connection, Nine has confirmed.

Dubbed the first ever social distancing dating experiment, the concept will allow the reality show to go ahead despite COVID-19 concerns.

Executive producer Sarah Yates said there is a real sense of excitement about the upcoming season.

“I’ve always said, there’s no better way to see if you’re the right fit with someone than to spend 10-20 minutes with them on a video conferencing platform. It’s where magic happens!”

As with all MAFS seasons, there would be a real sense of anticipation, Yates said. “What will the contestants say when they see their partner for the first time? ‘Can you hear me?’ probably. It’s going to be great content”.

After the ceremony, each couple will get to meet their new spouse’s parents and friends as part of a Google Hangout. “Apart from the lack of food, wine, flowers, music, dances, cake-cutting and a beautiful venue, it will be exactly like a normal marriage reception,” Yates said.

The couples will then get to spend some quality time apart during a special self-isolation honeymoon.

Builder and MAFS contestant Nick Jenkins said he couldn’t wait to see his new wife for the first time. “No, I literally can’t wait any longer. It’s been twenty minutes and the video connection still isn’t working. I’m about to run out of data”.

Sydney retail worker Belinda Price said a lot of relationships started online. “Hopefully I’ll get to talk to my new husband in real life one day. From 1.5 metres away of course”.

Married at First Skype starts Monday.

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