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Hotel Room Only Has 48 Lamps

A room at a local hotel chain has fewer than 50 lamps, a man was surprised to discover this week.

Lenny Richards said he generally likes to spend more time searching for lamps to turn off before he goes to bed. “I found them all within 20 minutes, and then it took me only another two hours to find the switches, so it was all disappointingly quick actually,” he said.

Richards said the bedside tables were particularly lacking in lighting facilities. “I was pleased to see there were the usual seven lamps on the desk, and another 15 randomly scattered along the walls. But I must say I was a bit surprised to find only 13 on each side of the bed. I’m not sure how you’re going to get the not-quite-bright-enough atmosphere that I’m used to in a hotel room with only 26 bedside lamps”.

Richards said he was opposed to the idea of a single ceiling light. “Yeah I’ve heard that theory before. But why have one light and one switch to illuminate a 16 square metre room when you partly illuminate it with hundreds of lamps?”

At publication time McMillon was searching for a spare power point to charge his phone.     

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