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Pack-A-Day Smoker Moves To Sydney, Saves $210 A Week .

Brisbane man Terry McManus says he has no need to buy cigarettes any more, given he can smoke in Sydney every day for free.

McManus said he couldn’t believe more people hadn’t taken up the offer to save as much as $900 a month on cigarettes.

“All these idiots are paying thirty bucks for a pack for ciggies. Don’t they realise they’re giving this shit away for free in Sydney?” he said.

“I was having a few beers at a pub last night and I stepped out to have a dart, and then before I’d even got the pack out of my pocket I’d inhaled about fourteen cigarettes worth. It’s fucking great value,” he said.  

McManus said he would need to adjust to the strength and quantity of smoking on offer in Sydney. “I’d usually smoke around 20 a day, whereas here you’re probably smoking upwards of 80 without really even trying. But I’ll adjust,” he said.

He expects to save around $900, or about a day’s rent, every month.

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