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The 2019 Shovel Annual Is Here!

It was the year that Donald Trump tried to buy Greenland, two former Prime Ministers threw their support behind a convicted sex offender and Israel Folau blamed bushfires on same sex marriage. And then, just when we thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Prince Andrew revealed to a global television audience that he couldn’t sweat. 

Re-live every glorious moment of the year with the 2019 Shovel Annual, a spectacular 132-page summary of the year from Australia’s best satirical writers. Includes:

– The biggest stories from the year covering politics, world news, current events, sport, entertainment and the disintegration of Western democracy!

– Ask Izzy: “Murdering your son is ok, but being gay is not” – we ask Israel Folau to interpret our favourite Bible passages

– ScoMo and Albo ‘Spot the Difference’: Can you spot all three?

– John Howard’s step-by-step guide for writing a character reference for a sex offender

– Tony Abbott Commemorative Section: A tribute to our 30th best ever Prime Minister, including a sneak peek at his diaries

– Labor’s top tips for fucking up an election

– Financial Advice Corner: From living it up on $40 a day, to struggling with just 30 negatively geared investment properties, we answer all your money questions

– Our editorial on why George Pell should be afforded the assumption of innocence until proven guilty by Andrew Bolt

– The Chaser Annual: Yes, we’ve teamed up again with the guys at The Chaser, so you get two annuals in one handy book.

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