Australians To Continue To Pronounce ‘Brian Taylor’ As ‘Dickhead’ — The Shovel

Australians To Continue To Pronounce ‘Brian Taylor’ As ‘Dickhead’

AFL fans across the country say they won’t be changing the way they say commentator Brian Taylor’s name, despite the fact Taylor himself has stated that the correct pronunciation is ‘Tay – lor’.

“We’ve always pronounced Brian Taylor ‘Dickhead’ – that’s the Australian pronunciation, and that’s how we’ll continue to pronounce it,” one fan confirmed.

Another fan said it didn’t matter how Taylor pronounced his own name. “In Brian Taylor’s household it might be pronounced ‘Tay-lor’, but guess where we live? Australia. And in Australia we say ‘Dickhead’” he said.

Taylor said he was used to his name being mispronounced. “I’ve heard all sorts of different ways to say it, which has always confused me, because I would’ve thought it was a pretty easy name to say”.

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