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Apple Unveils Plans To Revitalise Notre Dame Precinct With New Flagship Store

Saying it would become an iconic new destination the likes of which have never been seen in France, Apple has announced it will build a new global flagship store on the site of the recently damaged Notre Dame Cathedral, as part of an ambitious urban regeneration project.

Just days after fire ripped through Notre Dame, Apple declared it will come to the rescue with an “iconic building for the ages that mixes old and new, community and commercial, the past and the future”.

“It’s more than just a building; Notre Dame 2020 will become an innovative living, breathing multi-purpose community precinct hub,” an Apple statement said.

The new build will require a part demolition of the remaining Notre Dame structure, and will include a co-working hub, tech bar and product demonstration area. “We’re also building a unique space that can be used for product launches, information sessions and community engagement,” an Apple spokesperson said, adding that it will provide “synergies and collaborations with the existing tenants”.

He said it would not diminish the Notre Dame’s existing appeal, and will in fact add new life to the outdated structure. “We’ve been very sensitive to the history of Notre Dame as well as the need for modernisation, cleverly integrating a 4,000 square metre phone showroom into a 800 year-old cathedral. It’s very tasteful,” he said.

“More than anything, this is a gift to Paris. I think Parisians are going to love it.”

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