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AFL Boss Reveals Grand Final Half Time Entertainment

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan has once again shown his common touch, revealing a four-a-side polo comp as the centrepiece of this year’s Grand Final half time entertainment.

“Fans are in for a treat this year,” McLachlan said at a launch event in Portsea. “The MCG is fondly known as the people’s ground, so I can hardly think of a more appropriate way to mark half time than with a sport that’s played by the royal family”.

With the disaster of Meatloaf still fresh in the minds of AFL executives, McLachlan said he wanted to make sure the entertainment had broad appeal. “I think we all grew up playing polo in the backyard, didn’t we? This is something everyone will relate to”.

He urged fans to try and catch as much of the game as possible. “Grab a box of caviar, swing past the bar for a champagne, and then get back to your seats. And kids, be sure to bring along your mallet to get signed”.

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