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In A World Of Fake News, You Need Fake News You Can Trust

It’s one of the biggest problems facing our world today. In a post-truth era, how do you know that the fake news you’re reading is legitimate fake news?

The answer? Look for The Shovel logo. For six years it has acted as a reassuring mark of quality. When you see it, you can be sure that what you’re reading is genuine – 100% more reliable than the information you receive from politicians, business leaders and penis supplement companies. It’s the fake news you can actually trust.

Now, we’re asking for your support.

For a few dollars a month you can help us do what we do.

We’ll give you things in return – all the stuff listed here, as well as extra things as we think of them (like big discounts to live shows).

Best of all, you’ll get that special feeling that comes with knowing you’ve supported something significant. Think of yourself as a corporate donor, but with absolutely no influence whatsoever.

Thank you. We love you.


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