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Milo Cricket Launches ‘My First Yellow Tape’ For Cricketing Youngsters

Saying it wanted to teach young boys and girls all the skills required to play in the grown-ups’ game, Milo in2CRICKET has launched an exciting new addition to its program that will educate kids on how to cheat using a piece of yellow tape.

From Saturday, the weekend program will include special drills, including ‘How to devise a plan to cheat with yellow tape’, ‘How to rough up the side of the ball with yellow tape’, and ‘How to stick yellow tape down your pants when you’re caught’.

The program will use a special, modified form of yellow tape that is easier for smaller hands to manipulate, rather than the harder open-age tape. “Once they get into the higher grades they’ll be able to use the professional version of the yellow tape, but for now we’re starting with this ‘My First Yellow Tape’ approach” a spokesperson said.

“Already we’re hearing stories from parents saying their kids are nagging them to buy a piece of yellow tape like the one Davey Warner and Steve Smith use. So we’ve decided to add the tape to the kit straight away. It’s exciting!”

He said the colour had been chosen deliberately. “The great thing about this yellow tape is its really easy to see – you can see a small piece from hundreds of yards away – so it’s not something that’s going to get lost in the cricket bag”.

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