McDonald's Launches New 'Ethical Options' Made From Free Range, Cruelty Free Emulsifiers — The Shovel

McDonald’s Launches New ‘Ethical Options’ Made From Free Range, Cruelty Free Emulsifiers

Fast food giant McDonald’s has joined the movement towards offering more ethical food options, vowing to use only free range emulsifiers and additives in its burgers and fries.

A spokesperson for the company said its 218 different colourings, additives, silicones and emulsifiers were now free to roam free within the lab before being humanly coaxed into a large plastic tub for transportation.

“We try to make the process as compassionate as possible,” he said, pointing out a group of microcrystalline cellulose relaxing on a laboratory bench. “Our dimethylpolysiloxanes and diacetyl tartaric acid esters have it pretty good here!”

He said the result was more ethical, tastier food options. “I think you’ll notice the difference. It’s good to sit down for a meal knowing your anti-foaming agents and distilled monoglycerides have been treated fairly and humanly”.

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