“The best satirical magazine since The Weekend Australian” — The Shovel

“The best satirical magazine since The Weekend Australian”

It was the year we said ‘goodbye’ to Barack Obama and ‘привет’ to Donald Trump. We lost 9* MPs to dual citizenship, and then realised that – embarrassing! – our own f*cking head of state was a British citizen all along! We were told by the Church that saying yes to same sex marriage would lead to men wearing dresses. And – sure enough – the Church is now full of men wearing dresses.

Yep, it’s been quite a year, and the 2017 Shovel Annual is the perfect memento. It includes:

  • A handy One Nation candidate application form (with almost all the words speled correctly)
  • Your FREE Peter Dutton face mask to scare the kids
  • The Malcopoly board game – disappointment for the whole family!
  • The Government’s expanded postal survey – your opportunity to pass judgement on all sorts of other minority groups
  • A step-by-step guide to minimising your tax (brought to you by Chevron)
  • Our handy tips for saving up for a deposit on your first smashed avocado
  • The very best articles (and some of the shit ones) from The Shovel in 2017
  • PLUS you also get The Chaser Annual! A whole other raft of content from the slightly inferior, but still quite good satirical group The Chaser, conveniently attached to the very same book! Includes The Chaser Corp’s 2017 Annual Report.

It’s the perfect Christmas present. Get your copy – $24.95 inc shipping

Other Christmas gift ideas available at The Shovel include: Malcolm Turnbull tea towels, coffee mugs for annoying people, and charity greeting cards for politicians in need.

*correct at time of publication 



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