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“Kids Today Don’t Have A Clue,” Says Man Who Types With One Finger.

Young people entering the workforce do not have the professional abilities required to succeed in business, a man who types emails with his index finger says.

Robert Brown, 58, said the large numbers of so-called ‘overqualified’ millenials trying to gain work lacked basic skills. He referred to an online poll he once read about the issue, which he can’t quite find now.

In response to claims that millenials are starting life with higher debt and less housing affordability, Brown had this to say: “Come off it! When I was their age I had – hang on, where’s the send button? It was here yesterday when I looked? Where the fuck is it?”

Brown promised to respond to our follow up questions via email ‘in due course’, once he worked out how to turn off the Caps Lock function.


Benedict Kennedy-Cox 


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