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United Launches New Drag-On/Drag-Off Seating

US airline giant United launched an innovative new seating class today, which will see customers dragged to and from their seats for a modest extra fee.

The ‘Drag-on/Drag-off’ fares will be targeted at those who simply can’t be bothered to walk to their seat, as well as business people who want to spend more time on their phone or laptop while moving down the aisle.

“It’s a whole new way of looking at airline service,” United CEO Oscar Munox said. “While some people will want to continue with the traditional mode of walking to their own seat, we think a lot of customers will appreciate the convenience of being physically removed from a flight at the end of a busy day”.

Customers will be able to purchase the service – which will cost around $800 – when they book online. Munoz said there will be an extra surcharge for those at the back of the plane. “It’s what we call a long-haul,” he joked.

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