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Delighted Couple Announce They’re Expecting New Addition To Family Sticker Set

Saying they were ‘over the moon’ about the news, Jenny and Mike Taylor today announced to close friends and family that a new baby sticker was on the way.

While many were shocked by the news, some friends said they always thought Jenny and Mike had plans for one more. “They’re such a perfect family now, as you can see from the stickers on the back of their SUV. But you just always got the feeling that they wanted to complete the set,” friend Bindy Ingles said.

The expectant father, Mike, conceded they would need to find more room for the newly-arrived tot. “We might need to get everyone to shift over a bit closer to the windscreen wiper,” he said.

The couple is yet to decide what sporting or other extra curricular activity they will assign to the new arrival.

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