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Bought A New Curvy Barbie? Here’s a 12-Week Program To Get Her Back In Shape

Just days after Mattel’s new ‘curvier’ Barbie doll hit the shelves in Australia, fitness celebrity Michelle Bridges has launched a new 12 Week Barbie Transformation (12WBT) to get the doll looking fabulous again.

“The 12WBT is a scientifically-designed program to correct the shape of your new Barbie. Whether you want your Barbie to lose that excess flab, or just fit into the expensive sold-separately clothing accessories, 12WBT has a program for you!” a media statement read.

A spokesperson for 12WBT said the new program is designed to transform your doll into a more desirable, slimmer model. “As a member of a 12WBT Round, you’re supported by our team of experts and your 12WBT peers. Each specific round of 12WBT comprises a 6-week pre-season, followed by 12 weeks of re-melting, re-moulding and re-sculpting of the critical body parts of your doll”.

Seven year-old Chantelle Newbury of Fitzroy said she was relieved to hear about the program. “Mum bought me one of the new curvier Barbies yesterday. It’s a little on the chubbier side, so the 12WBT will hopefully fix that”.

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