Palin Brings Much-Needed Intellectual Rigour To Trump Campaign — The Shovel

Palin Brings Much-Needed Intellectual Rigour To Trump Campaign

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin came out in support of Donald Trump today, a move which some experts say is designed to give The Apprentice star’s campaign a more level-headed, articulate, and intelligent edge.

While Trump’s campaign has been impressive to date, it’s been built more on his celebrity profile than well-thought-out policy ideas. Enter Sarah Palin.

“Yippee, lefty, bing bong, swoop! You can’t gun down my religion, or my microwave” Palin said to cheers, as Mr Trump looked on, struggling to keep up.

Palin also took the time to go into more depth about some of Trump’s signature policies. “Trump stump the pump bump y’all. We’re gonna make Armenia great again!” she cried.

With her extensive foreign policy experience, particularly in Russia, Republican insiders say Palin could be a potential Vice Presidential running mate. “She really appeals to the more liberal-minded of the extreme right voters, so it’s a chance to sew up that part of the electorate,” one said.

Palin twitter

After today’s speech, Palin said it was a refreshing change to be the most intelligent person on stage. “Trump brings the star power, I bring the brain powder” she Tweeted.



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