Husband Agrees To Halve Emissions By 2020 — The Shovel

Husband Agrees To Halve Emissions By 2020

Local man Callum Matherson has signed up to an ambitious emissions reduction target of 50% by 2020, following the bi-annual Matherson family conference this week.

In a statement to media, Mrs Matherson said the current levels were unsustainable. “I said going into the conference that we needed to act now, and that’s what we’ve done. What this agreement does is provide a clear, achievable rate of reduction over the next four years – and an improved climate in our household”.

Mrs Matherson had originally tabled a more stringent target of 80% by 2018, arguing that her husband accounted for the bulk of emissions in the house. But the 50% target was agreed after protracted negotiations.

Mr Matherson said he would now look to alternative forms of food and table humour in an attempt to lower emissions.

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