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Landlord Arrives To Do Inspection

Australians were madly rushing to clear up empty beer bottles and stray bongs this morning after the landlord announced a last-minute rental inspection.

“There’s shit everywhere, the curtain rail is still broken, and Johno hasn’t taken the bins out for weeks,” a frantic Australian spokesperson said.

There was also concern over a friend of a friend who is staying in Australia but isn’t on the rental agreement. “We’ve kicked out everyone else who’s arrived on our doorstep looking for a place to live, but some guy’s obviously fallen through the cracks,” the spokesperson said.

The landlord announced the visit just four weeks ago – unusually short notice, despite being within the rental rules. He has indicated he will be paying particular attention to certain parts of the property, including South Australia and Canberra, leading to increased anxiety amongst tenants. “Of all the areas to focus on, Jesus! No one’s even been into South Australia for years, and I’m pretty sure there’s a pile of pornos in Canberra. We’re f*cked,” the spokesperson said.

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