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Star Wars Releases New Film To Tie In With Merchandise

A new feature length film has been rushed into production to be ready in time for the next instalment of Star Wars merchandise.

Executives at the merchandise giant said they hoped a proportion of fans of the figurines, breakfast cereal, video games, pyjamas, trading cards, stationery sets, bar fridges, and iPhone cases would buy tickets to the movie as well.

“It’s a great extension to the franchise, and a nice little money spinner on the side. We don’t expect everyone who buys a bottle of Star Wars Cologne or an R2-D2 spatula to also see the film, but die-hard fans and collectors probably will,” a spokesperson said.

The licensing agreement will see popular figurines such as Yoda, C-3PO and Han Solo brought to life. “It’s going to be fun for fans to learn the backstory of their Yoda slippers, or see their Darth Vader alarm clock come alive on the big screen,” the spokesperson said.

He said the company had approached cinema chains with the hope of tying the film in with existing Star Wars Popcorn and Star Wars Coca Cola products. “It’s an obvious extension”.

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