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Food On Wooden Board Same As Food On Plate

Food served on a polished chopping board is identical to food supplied on a plate, it has been revealed.

The findings come after an extensive research project conducted in cafes and restaurants.

“While the food we tested on wooden boards was generally more difficult to eat and about 30-40% more expensive, we found no difference in the food itself,” scientist Jeffery Coomb said today.

The findings will come as a shock to patrons, many of whom have cut plated food from their diets completely.

Regular food eater Harriet Knox said she was sceptical of the research. “I am very doubtful about this to be honest. I know from personal experience that I’ve felt much more pleased with myself after I stopped eating plated food last year”.

She said she wouldn’t risk going back to eating from a plate. “Apart from the health concerns, it makes your Instagram look terrible”.

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