Will & Kate: “We Take Turns Asking The Nanny To Change The Nappies” — The Shovel

Will & Kate: “We Take Turns Asking The Nanny To Change The Nappies”

In another sign of a more modern, in-touch Royal Family, Prince William and wife Kate have cast aside traditional gender roles and now share the responsibility of asking the nanny to change their baby’s nappies.

“We probably split it 50/50. Sometimes Kate will press the buzzer to get George and Charlotte changed, sometimes I’ll do it. Whereas in days past, it probably would’ve been the woman pushing the buzzer every time,” Prince William said.

He said the couple applied the same philosophy to all household chores, whether it was cooking the evening meal or mowing the lawns. “If Kate’s had a big day, I don’t have a problem checking in with the cooking staff to see how dinner’s coming along. And likewise, it’s not uncommon to see Kate out there making sure the hedge has been trimmed to schedule. I respect that not every couple operates like this, but it’s what feels right to us”.

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